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Comedy Thoughts.

Sometimes I get really down on myself and doubt my career trajectory with comedy. Should I focus on just stand up or just sketch or just comedy music? I think about what else I’d be doing if I didn’t choose this path for myself, where I would live if the city didn’t hinge on a good comedy scene. Who I’d marry and what cable TV and internet package I’d be able to afford. The truth is I can’t answer those questions because I don’t want to do anything else.

I’ve always felt like an outsider who is pretending to fit in, but on stage I feel so free. I know exactly who I am and what I want.

Comedy and Taylor Swift have taught me that I’m never going to feel like a cool kid who belongs with the cool clique. I’m just going to be me, and there will be people who like me and what I do and there will be people who don’t. And that’s OK. I’ll always hate it, but it’s OK.

I want to do this for the rest of my life. I want to do this as my living. And I have to keep putting myself out there because if I don’t make my desires known, then no one will be able to help me reach my goal. I learned that last night during LaughingStock: The Chicago Comedy Music Festival’s after party in the RV.

If I hadn’t told everybody that I wanted pizza, I would have never gotten pizza. You just have to keep bringing it up, and you’ll eventually get it. It might be at 4 am, but you’ll get it.

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To all you ice bucket challenge cynics: 

I agree that these videos, like their predecessors the cinnamon challenge and God forbid the Harlem Shake, are terribly annoying. Yes, people should donate, but if we JUST told people to donate, very few would have done so. As much as I despise internet fads, it’s nice to see one that has a purpose… because let’s face it, 90% of the people who are dumping ice water on their heads would have done so without reason anyway.


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Improv Olympic

I moved to Chicago having very little concept of what improv was outside of “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” and that thing my favorite sketch comedians did before they got famous. I began taking classes because I wanted to be a famous, sketch comedian and that’s what you’re supposed to do.

Improv was never my passion. I felt so hit or miss on stage, and being a writer, I felt very half-satisfied. On the one hand I was being creative, but on the other hand, I was not walking away with new material I could use again. Shows felt more like parties, and I don’t really like parties unless I’m drunk… so I was always drunk.

When I didn’t make a Harold team at iO, I quit improv. I was devastated because I felt like I’d lost my gateway to SNL. (This is true. That was a true feeling I had.) I was very sad to walk away from the institution that, despite my lukewarm feelings toward improv, really fostered the talents of so many people I respect comedically.

I thought I was done with iO until two Saturday night shows at the theater became a huge staple in my life: Saturday/SATURDAY and BYOT. They let me go up on stage and do whatever the hell I wanted. Try written stuff. Fail. Succeed. Do OK. While feeling great about it being surrounded by the positive energy of the improv community even though I wasn’t doing improv.

I found my voice through iO and my passion and my friends and a few ex-boyfriends, take ‘em or leave ‘em. I’m forever grateful to that theater, amongst others, for helping me find my way even if it was by showing me I was going the wrong way.

I will miss the old building. I will miss the bathroom graffiti. I’ll never know who has a “crush on Jimmy Carrane” or who thinks “Alabama is awesome.” But I’m looking forward to peeing in a new place that’s cleaner because it’s new. Can’t wait for the move to the new space… and of course… for the return of Saturday/SATURDAY and hopefully BYOT.

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Perhaps if the police didn’t take almost an hour to arrive at the scene after the first call was placed, this situation would have been more controlled. Chicago police neglect most 911 calls until it’s too late. They never arrived when I called when I saw a mother beating her child. This inaction is unforgivable. #chicago #cpd #chicagopd #Montrosebeach #uptown #buenapark

Perhaps if the police didn’t take almost an hour to arrive at the scene after the first call was placed, this situation would have been more controlled. Chicago police neglect most 911 calls until it’s too late. They never arrived when I called when I saw a mother beating her child. This inaction is unforgivable. #chicago #cpd #chicagopd #Montrosebeach #uptown #buenapark

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Tinder and The Art of Judgment

When I got the Tinder app a couple days ago, it was purely out of boredom. My friends had regaled me with tales of the lunatics who would message them, and I was so desperate for something fun to do that I fell for it hook up, pickup line, and sinker. 

"I can’t wait to see what crazy things these guys say!"

But that never happened. And here’s why: I know how to pick ‘em.

Unlike Tinder’s free online dating predecessor, OKCupid, two people have to ‘like’ or ‘swipe right’ or whatever each other before they are allowed to message. And if you know what types to swipe left, the avoidance of maniacs is almost guaranteed. 

What pictures of himself did he post?

There are certain types of photos that cause me to immediately say “NOPE” 

  1. Hot Girl Companions - We get it. You like super hot girls, asshole.
  2. Topless - Put your shirt back on, asshole.
  3. Mirror Selfie - A certain type of personality comes along with mirror selfie takers, assholes.
  4. Group Shots, All Group Shots - Where are you, Butthead?
  5. Angles - The infamous Myspace angles. They are just deceptive and show signs of an insecure asshole.

Certain types of photos that cause me to immediately say ‘yes’

  1. Dog
  2. Dogs
  3. Cat

What does his little blurb say?

Just say NO if he is one of the following:

  1. A Height-ist: If a guy specifies the exact height he wants you…even if you meet that requirement.
  2. A Hypocrite: If a guy is making fun of online dating within his blurb then why the hell is he even here?
  3. A Passerby: Oklahoma by way of Spain by way of New York by way of Paris by way of Chicago. Jesus… what is this? The “Begets” section of the Bible?
  4. A Bragger: Sure list a few things you are a good at or enjoy, but let’s leave something for the conversation.
  5. Blank: 

This should help weed out the creeps. But keep in mind that when dealing with nice guys, you’ll probably have to have the same conversation a million times. Yes I play accordion. No I don’t play guitar. Yes I have plans for the Fourth Of July.

I have to be honest… I like Candy Crush better.

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If you ask how I am, I will say…

I’m not doing too well these days. I’ve been really depressed, but agitatedly depressed, which is a rare state for me.

I’ve felt like this before, and it’s no good. I break things. I punch things. And right now I want to break everything in my apartment. The other night I accidentally (and by accidentally I mean quite purposefully) broke a chair. I hate myself for being so destructive. 

There have been glimpses of happiness over the past couple of days, but for the most part all I’ve wanted to do is hide. I worked MAYBE 6 hours this week. Just not showing up, and when I did I might as well have not been there.

I don’t know why I’m being so personal. Maybe someone else out there feels the same way right now? I’m sure someone does, I’m sorry for you. I feel very alone. I know I’m not. But I feel it.

I don’t understand my brain. When I’m happy, I can’t remember what it’s like to be sad. When I’m sad, it’s like I’ve never been happy in my life. It’s sick, and medicine is failing me tonight.

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